Own the Batmobile

If you're like me (and I have to assume you are, given that you're reading this blog...in fact, you may actually be some parallel universe version of myself, deposited in my reality by some temporal disruption), you like the new Batman movies, but pine for the comic-book awesomeness of Tim Burton's Batmobile. Well, you lucky bastard, now you can now own your very own rocket-powered, crime-fighting super car (note: car is not actually rocket powered. It actually uses a 5.7L Chevy small-block).

Yes, the fifth of five batmobiles built for Batman is now on auction at eBay. Unfortunately, they're asking $500K. And what does half-a-million buy you these days? Well, it doesn't buy you doors. You have to clamber in through the roof like ol' Bats himself.

Also, is it me, or does the Batmobile parked in a suburban driveway totally drive down the cool factor?

Of course, you could just save your money for the Bugatti Veyron. Sure, it's three times as expensive, but you can actually drive it on the road. And it's faster than sin.

Here it is racing a jet: