Recent BSG sweatiness explained

Much has been made over the past few weeks about the apparently high level of perspiration on board the good ship Demetrius, the former-sewage-ship-turned-Starbuck-insanity-vehicle featured so prominently in the last two episodes of BSG.  Comments range from the theoretical ["Isn't space cold?"] to the practical ["Why doesn't someone turn down the damn thermostat?"]. Answers are lacking. Until now. Science, humankind's most attractive offspring, comes to the rescue again. Turns out, the sweatbox starship phenomenon is fairly consistent with reality:

Well, it turns out that a ship in space is like the inner flask in a thermos bottle. Its heat can't be conducted or convected away. It can be radiated away, but Demetrius seems pretty squat and compact -- its available surface area is probably pretty small compared to its volume, and that limits its radiative ability. When you factor in a shipload of electronic equipment, all producing heat, and 15 human bodies, all producing heat, you quickly reach a situation in which Demetrius can't get rid of all the heat it generates.

There you go. Things in space = difficult to cool. And we ultimately benefit, since Starbuck and/or Athena and/or Ceelix tend to look considerably better when coated in a thin patina of moisture.