Newsflash: Bush Administration blocks important environmental reforms!

Did I say 'newsflash'? I clearly meant 'forgone conclusion'. While this doesn't really count as 'news', it's still important to note. A congressional investigation into the now-farcically named Enivronmental Protection Agency's unprecedented decision to block California's proposed emission limits has revealed- surprise!- the Bush White House intervened to help out its buddies in the automotive industry. The California legislation called for a 30 per cent reduction in tailpipe emissions, something that could seriously eat into automaker profits.

Said State Senator Barbara Boxter:

"Clearly the Bush administration at the highest levels killed the California waiver. The people of California and the other states have a right to know how this indefensible decision happened, and we demand that EPA and the Bush White House turn over the documents we have asked for immediately."

So, as we look over the smoking ruins of Bush's eight years in office, it is important to remember that many of the the disasters were due to a political system that allows far too much influence from private corporate interests. I'm not saying corporations shouldn't have a seat at the table, but the bottom line has to be balanced against something at least resembling the 'public good'.