Wolf whistle finally works

Men, rejoice! After years of hard work, of self doubt and sleepless nights, we have been vindicated. If you whistle at an attractive woman on the street, she may, in fact, take off all of her clothes. Even if it only works on an infinitesimally proportion of the female population, our efforts are not wasted. In fact, this means we should probably be doing it more. From Reuters:

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - Road workers in a small New Zealand town got their wish granted when a woman stripped saying she was fed up with their wolf-whistles.

The Israeli tourist was about to use an ATM in the main street of Kerikeri, in the far north of the country, when the men whistled, the New Zealand Press Association reported.

She calmly stripped off, used the cash machine, before getting dressed and walking away.

The woman told police she didn't take too kindly to the whistling from the men repairing the road.

"She said she had thought 'bugger them, I'll show them what I've got'," Police Sergeant Peter Masters told NZPA.

"She gave the explanation that she had been ... pestered by New Zealand men. She's not an unattractive looking lady," Masters said.

"She was taken back to the police station and spoken to and told that was inappropriate in New Zealand."

Spiteful nudity is better than no nudity at all.  I can't help but feel this young lady has set the cause of her compatriots back a few decades. She may have thought she was making a point, but men typically become totally incapable of recognizing sarcasm as soon as boobs enter the equation.