'Real' alien footage leaked online

If you've been following the murkier corners of the Internet (as I do, habitually), you've probably heard of Jeff Peckman. The Denver native claims to have video that 'proves' aliens are real. It was supposed to be screened exclusively for the media today, but it has (surprise!) been leaked to the interwebs.

Hmmm. Not exactly the silver bullet Peckman claimed it was. Still, the video does answer the age-old question, "are aliens perverts?" Yes, apparently. Despite having the technology for interplanetary travel and anal probing, they still get off on looking in our windows. Kinky.

UPDATE: Looks like the above video is actually fake. That is, it's not the actual video presented by Jeff Peckman. Apparently, the real vid still has not leaked...but the Rocky Mountain News liveblogged the whole event.