Canadian DMCA: here comes the royal screw job

The National Post reports today that Canada's new copyright legislation (due tomorrow, maybe) has provision for a $500 personal use download fine. A $500 personal use download fine.

That means for every song or movie or book or whatever you download, you will be liable for a $500 fine. Think about your music collection. Think about how many songs you downloaded illegally. Now multiply that by 500, and you've got your tab, payable to the Government of Canada.

I'm not going to defend the morality of illegal downloading. I do it occasionally, but that don't make it right. But a $500 fine seems beyond anything even resembling a fair punishment. If you ever needed proof that the new copyright bill is a spectacular example of a government knuckling under corporate pressue, there it is. This bill contains nothing even close to the 'public interest'. Via Michael Geist.