CBC ditches Hockey Night in Canada theme! THIS WILL NOT STAND. Sign the petition!

If ever there was a sign that the CBC has lost touch with Canada, this is it.

The Globe and Mail reports that our 'national' broadcaster has taken a pass on renewing its license on the iconic Hockey Night in Canada theme. From the Globe:

John Ciccone, president of Copyright Music & Visual, said in a press release posted on its website that CBC's licence agreement ended with the conclusion of Wednesday's NHL playoffs and that the public broadcaster has taken a pass on a new agreement in order to "move in a new direction."

The CBC "has advised the composer, owner and administrator of the musical composition that it is not prepared to enter into a new license agreement with respect to the use of the theme," the press release states.

To which I say: are they mad? No, really. Are they mad? I mean, I know no one watches the CBC, but I thought that was a bad thing, not something to be encouraged by screwing with one of the few bankable properties the Corp actually owns.

The HNIC theme was written in 1968, making it the longest-lived theme song ever, anywhere. And they want to ditch it to go in some new direction? That's bordering on criminal. Everyone I know can hum that song in their sleep. Even people who don't like hockey. It truly is like a second national anthem. I cannot believe the CBC would do this. The question has been asked before, but seems particularly appropriate here: have you no decency, CBC? Have you no decency at all?

Call the CBC. Call you MPP. Lauch DoS attacks on their website. Do whatever it takes. THIS WILL NOT STAND. I'm turning this post, effective immediately, into a petition. If you love the theme like I do, please sign the petition below! We can stop this madness, people. Fight the fight.

UPDATE: Even the CBC is reporting on this story, which is a pretty good sign it's legit. Also, the Star has a piece up too.

Momentum is starting to build on the Interwebs. Check out this post by awesome Vancouver blogger Miss604.

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