Hockey Night in Canada theme CTV

Poor, poor CBC. Sometimes you appear so very far out of your depth. The Globe and Mail is reporting that the beloved Hockey Night in Canada theme has been licensed by CTV for us in their TSN hockey broadcasts.  In other words, CBC basically gave CTV a nice little gift-wrapped gold brick under the pretense of taking a 'hard line' with its talent. They gambled, and they failed. Which makes it an appropriate moment for this:

First they lose the Olympics to CTV, and now the HNIC theme. Soon, there might not be any reason left to watch CBC.

I'm a bit torn about this. On the one hand, it's great that the theme has been saved, and will continue to be associated with hockey. On the other hand, HNIC was a package deal. The theme was a integral part, but it was really the sum total that was so magical. A pyrrhic victory, at any rate. The theme lives on, but a Canadian institution has been damaged. And I still can't believe how boneheaded CBC has been about this whole debacle.

Thanks to CN for the link.