Man gets hit by car, nobody helps. In other news, humanity is just terrible

Totally shocking video out of Hartford, Connecticut. A 78 year old man, Angel Arce Torres, was hit by two street racers as he was crossing the road. Watch what happens next:

Yes, exactly nothing. There's a man clearly lying on the road, in bad need of help. People gawk, a few call 911. But that behaviour of the motorists is appalling. Backing away, pulling U-Turns, generally pretending nothing has happened.

I guess it's true that nobody wants to get involved. There was an interesting Brainiac: Science Abuse episode that showed people are far more likely to ask someone if they are on an empty street. On a busy road, people just assume someone else will deal with it. But you know how that one ends- if everybody thinks that, then nobody helps. The Hartford video is a horrifying example of the "It's Somebody Else's Problem" principle in action.

So, if you see someone lying on the road, just stop. Seriously.