People you should punch in the face: Pastor Jeremy White

If you happen to be in Vacaville, California this week, you may want to punch Jeremy White in the face. In fact, I wish you would.

White, incensed that a lingerie store dared open its doors in his little town, is now videotaping customers and posting the videos on YouTube. Because, you know, lingerie = porn.

Said White:

"I'm not trying to embarrass anybody. If you have absolutely no question of conscience about entering this store, then by all means shop away. However, if even only one of the dozens of customers we've deterred from entering is a married person about to do something shady behind their spouse's back then - mission accomplished."

In other words, white is an arrogant, self-important ass with a voyeurism fetish. And for that, he deserves a punch in the face. Via Scanner.