Rogers = Not so much with the service. Or intelligence.

I know, I know. The incompetence of Telecommunications companies is well documented, and hardly revelatory. But I just had to share this. So, I decided to upgrade my HD Terminal to an HD Personal Video Recorder (PVR). I made my appointment, and the guys shows up with a half hour to spare in the three-hour appointment window. So far, so good. Except that he doesn't seem to have brought a PVR. I question him on this, and the following conversation ensues:

"I ordered an HDPVR." "I have an HD Box." "I can see that. But that's not what I ordered." "I have an HD box." "I ordered a PVR." "Oh. So where do you want me to install the HD Box?" "I don't. I already have an HD Box." "So why did you order another one?" "I didn't. I ordered a PVR." "I have an HD Box." "Are you actually retarded, or are you just doing this for my benefit?"

Gold. Good game, Rogers. You've got some bright lights working for you.