Fox News out-racists itself

Man, if this weren't so offensive it would be hilarious. Fox News, America's source for the lowest common denominator, referred to Michelle Obama as Barrack's 'Baby Momma'. That's insulting for so, so many reasons. Not the least of which is that it implies the two are unmarried, and plays into a rather distasteful stereotype of African Americans.

Here's the vid in all it's idiotic glory:

Stunning. Just stunning.

Elsewhere on the interwebs, the Obama smear campaign is in full swing. The latest wrinkle? Demanding to see Obama's birth certificate to prove he is in fact a natural born American citizen and therefore constitutionally eligible for the presidency. Apparently, since only one of Obama's parents were American, there is some obscure immigration technicality that may disqualify him. Pretty disgusting tactics, all around.

I do not envy Obama the uphill slog he has to the White House. It's gonna be one ugly, racist mess.