The new Canadian copyright act has arrived

As expected, Industry Canada Minster Jim Prentice has announced the new Canadian copyright act, Bill C-61 what many people have termed "Canada's DMCA". Read about it here. As always with these things, check out Michael Geist's Blog for an in depth analysis by a man much smarter than me.

At first blush, it looks not too bad- for example, the provisions for time- and device-shifting are far better than in previous iterations of the bill. But as Geist points out, a lot of the 'good' pieces in the legislation are undermined by the fine print. And the digital lock provisions are downright drachonian, much worse than the much-maligned American DMCA. Basically, if you digital rights protected material, it is wildly illegal for you to break that lock. Moreover, if you distribute tools to circumvent digital protection, the police will want to talk to you.

Oh, and if you have illegally downloaded music, you now owe the government $500 per song. Just FYI.

So, not so good. Keep checking out Michael Geist for updates.