UN to UK: ditch the Queen

The United Nations' Human Rights Council has told the United Kingdom that they should lose their monarchy and write down their constitution. This is comedy for a few reasons. First, one of the members of the Human Rights Council is Saudi Arabia, which has both a monarchy and a brutal human rights record. Second, England basically invented parliamentary democracy, so criticizing their human rights record is a little strange. Finally, the Queen is a nice old lady and the United Nations should just leave her alone.

There are few more benign institutions than the British Monarchy. It's purely symbolic, designed to connect people to their traditions and heritage. I like having a Queen, especially because I know she can't really negatively affect my life in any way. Seems to me there are a lot more important things for the UN to be looking at.

But this does raise an interesting Question: if the UK nixes the monarchy, and the rest of the Commonwealth doesn't, where will she move to? I say Canada is the obvious choice. And she can totally crash on my couch while she's getting settled, provided she doesn't mind playing a little Call of Duty 4.

H/T to RH for the link.