Archaeologists find HMS Ontario

Seek, and ye shall find. Or so they say. But when you're looking for a 228-year-old warship in a 19,500 square-kilometre lake, that's a whole lot of seeking and not a lot of finding.

But thanks to a few intrepid shipwreck enthusiasts, the HMS Ontario has finally been found. The 22 gun, 84ft vessel was the largest British warship on the Great Lakes during the American Revolution up until it sank in a gale taking 130 men to a watery grave. The final resting place of the Ontario has long been one of the Lake Ontario's most enduring mysteries.

The ship was located using side-scan sonar, with the final ID coming from a ROV. It's lying in about 500ft of water in remarkably good condition. The fresh, cold and low-oxygen waters of Lake Ontario are apparently dynamite ship-preservers.

So there you go. A little piece of history salvaged from the deep. Thanks to GM for the link.