Happy Firefox 3 Download Day

If you're like me, you appreciate web browsers that work. You know, do exactly what they're supposed to do, quickly and with an attractive interface. One that doesn't take up huge amounts of space and integrate itself into every aspect of your OS. One that runs on a Mac.

This is why I love Firefox. And today, joy of joys, the fine folks at Mozilla are releasing an all new version of the little browser that could. Wired has a list of reasons why you should download Firefox 3, but here's my own, slightly shorter, version:

  1. It's awesome.
  2. The folks at Mozilla's Toronto office are also awesome, and deserve your support.
  3. Mozilla is trying to set a world record for the most downloads in a single day, and it's always fun to set a world record. My own attempt- most casual swears in a single hour- met with limited success and an obscenity suit.

So in conclusion: download Firefox 3. It's a good thing.

UPDATE: And my blog on Firefox 3 = the new hotness.