Time for some blog love

It's hard to be a good blogger- or a blogger who has readers- without a supportive community of like-minded scribes. And I am frequently remiss in recognizing some of the folks who help me out and send readers my way. So, I want to tell you about two awesome blogs:

  • The Royal Word: This is the online of home of Her Highnessness, a wicked good identity blogger and all around quality individual. HRH posts on life, the universe, and beauty products, all with style and impeccable grammar. She also feeds me frequently, which I really appreciate, because otherwise I would've starved to death months ago.
  • Joshua Van Tassel: A blog by Toronto musician of the same name, this is a really interesting exploration of sounds and life in the city. JVT records everything and does neat stuff with it, so it's a always an interesting read/listen. He also has a new album out, so you should check that out too.

So, yeah. Big ups to these folks. And please, check out all the sites in my blogroll. Good people deserve pageviews.