Star Trek: The Experience to close.

Poor, poor Star Trek. Your once-venerable franchise is in tatters. No Trek on TV, a series of lacklustre movies...and now, evenn Vegas has turned its back on you.

Last week, the Vegas Hilton announced it would shut down Star Trek: The Experience in the fall. The museum/simulator/massive gift shop is apparently not setting the world on fire like it used to. To make matters worse, the giant NCC-1701D model will be returned to Paramount, as opposed to, say, my living room.

But, there is hope. The global nerdery hold their breath in mute anticipation of JJ Abrams' new Trek flick, set to come out May 2009. It may be Trek's saviour or its Shiva. While Abrams gets big points for Lost, let's not forget this is also the man who created Felicity. I'm putting even odds on this one.