Urban fishin'

Alerted by a vague metallic clicking sound when I walked, I found this in my shoe:

Yes, some deft urban angler had managed to snag me with a two-inch-long fishing hook. Here's what it looks like sans footwear:

This confirms something I have thought for a long time: I would make a terrible trout. As if the whole "can only breathe air" thing wasn't bad enough, it looks like I have a talent for accidentally snaring myself on discarded fishing tackle.

Which raises an interesting point: why was there a two-inch-long fish hook lying on the streets of Toronto? Some experimental aquacultre gone wrong? Some hardcore S&M gone even worse? If this is the result of some misguided amateur angler, I will say this: you're doing it wrong. Roncesvalles, while sporting several nice restaurants, has terrible fishing.