Nunc Scio Recommends: Le Tour de France

Growing up as a radical mountain-biking dude (read: an awkward teen who desperately wanted to be a radical, mountian-biking dude), I always though road biking was just a bunch of weird guys with shaved legs, wearing bright colours and grimacing with exertion.

And yes, road biking is all of those things. But when it comes to professional road racing, it is also really, really exciting. Especially this Tour de France business. The last minute sprints to the finish, the grueling climbs, the epic crashes, the profusion of brightly coloured jerseys (polka dots, even!) all denoting various accomplishments...these are all fun. But really makes Le Tour is the narrative of the whole thing. The race is 23 days long and involves some pretty interesting characters, so stories are lurking everywhere. The end result is surprisingly compelling.

Unfortunately, there are only four days left in the tour. But you can still the exciting conclusion. The official website has heaps of coverage, while Bicycling Magazine does a nice round-up. If moving pictures are more your thing, OLN has complete coverage at 8:30-11:30AM and again at 8:00-11:00PM. I recommend the morning coverage- it has better announcers.

So, check it out. Fast-paced, story-filled, shaved-legged action.