Toronto NFL fans get royal screw job

I like football. And while the CFL isn't bad, it lacks the glamour and glitz of its big cousin to the south. So I was excited when I heard the Buffalo Bills would be playing a few exhbition and regular season games in Toronto.

Until I saw the price tag. Tickets are averaging $200 a pop, which is insane. I'd love to see some live NFL football, but I also have to eat and pay rent.

The Globe and Mail breaks this gouging down pretty succinctly:

Rogers paid $78-million for eight Bills home dates (five regular-season and three exhibition games) over a five-year period, requiring them to set an average ticket price above $200 (including VIP seats that include some amenities). By comparison, the NFL's New England Patriots had the league's highest average ticket price last season at $91.

The positive side of that price point means that the Toronto games — sold out or not — will reap considerably more revenue than if the games were being held in Buffalo, which has the NFL's lowest average ticket price at just $51.

So, to review: we are being asked to pay a 400 per cent markup just so a low-budget football franchise can shore up its bottom line. It's not about fans. It's about dollars.

All of this would be less galling if we weren't being asked to shell out for the Buffalo Freakin' Bills. They have the lowest ticket prices for a reason: they suuuuck. And it's pre-season Buffalo Bills, before they've even sorted which players suck less than the others. Lame!

So, keep your over-priced tickets, Rogers. I'm going to an Argos game.