WANT: The Nerf machine gun

What's orange and yellow, battery powered, and can deliver three foam darts per second? The Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25. Behold the very last word in recreational armament:

This little gem features a single-shot capability for pinpoint annoyance. And when you absolutely, positively need to irritate a room full of people, you can go full-auto and watch the 25 round ammo belt rattle away. And, if you get the value pack, they throw in an extra ammo belt, 25 additional darts and a shoulder strap. So you can free your inner Rambo without any of the messy moral implications.

Nerf has long led the world in foam-based weaponry. Now, they've stepped up their game. And for only $40, this could just be the finest dart gun ever made.