Attack of the bears

Mess with nature long enough, and nature gets mad. Unfortunately for us, nature is frequently pointy with very sharp teeth.

A group of 30 bears has surrounded a remote geological research station in northern Russia, effectively laying siege to a small group of scientists. And these guys have good reason to be worried. Last week, the bears ate...yes, ATE...two of their colleagues.

Why? Those bears are hungry. Overfishing has depleted their natural food supply, so they are turning to foods of convenience. In this case, a bunch of geologists. In weeks past, a student taking part in an orienteerin race was killed when she disturbed a female bear and her cub, and another bear almost killed another contestant. Now is a bad time to be on two legs in the Taiga.

An ATV is currently en route to to the geologists' camp, and the crew may be forced to shoot the bears. Which would be a shame, since we kinda brought this on ourselves.