Dark Knight = all kinds of awesome

So, I finally saw The Dark Knight last night. My review: epic. This was possibly the greatest film I have ever seen. Smart, dark as hell, and featuring an amazing cast, this movie was almost perfect. In fact, my only complaint was that Nestor Carbonell, the guy who played Gotham's mayor, was wearing altogether too much eyeliner. This is apparently an ongoing concern with Mr. Carbonell, as demonstrated by this photo:

Not sure why Gotham has a drag queen mayor, but there you go.

As everyone keeps saying, Heath Ledger was incredible. But among all the performances (and what a cast!), I think Christian Bale's Batman is the most under-appreciated. He is precise and restrained, the perfect counterpoint to Ledger's over-the-top Joker. And Michael Caine, who has been in every movie made since 1952, was awesome as always.

So, go see this movie. Even if you hate superheroes, action flicks, Christian Bale, or even the whole concept of moving picture, you will enjoy The Dark Knight. It's just that good. Sublime, even.