My road to 100 push ups

The "100 Push Ups Training Program" has been making its way around the interwebs lately, and it got me all curious. The ability to do 100 push ups? In six weeks? I've done a lot of things in a six week time interval, and acquiring significant new amounts of strength and stamina is not one of them. But the website claims that if you follow the six week program, you too can do 100 push ups. In a row. Without stopping for a twizzlers break and a short nap. Challenge accepted.

As of this morning, I am now officially on the 100 push ups program. I started by doing an initial test, where I managed 16 push ups in a row before collapsing in a breathless heap. Based on that result, my first day consisted of four sets of 10, 10, 8 and 6 push ups respectively, with a 60 second rest interval between sets. So far, so good.

Why embark on this sisyphean fitness task? Not because I want to improve my strength, which would probably be good. And not because I want to build endurance, which I undoubtedly need.  No, dear reader, I am doing this for you. I will be pounding my pectoral muscles into a putty-like goo to see if this program delivers what it promises. I'll be keeping weekly tabs on my progress, so check back every Monday for the latest on my push up quest.