The Montauk Monster

The interwebs have been having a field day with this unfortunate example of the effects of water on dead tissue:  

This creature washed up on the shores of Montauk, Long Island, sometime over the last few days. Gawker has been providing hourly updates. And for some reason, the Montauk Monster now has its own column on the HuffPo. The creature has been called a beaked rodent, a government experiment, and a viral marketing campaign for a Cartoon Network show.


This is clearly some poor dog or racoon that died, ended up in the water, and then washed up on a beach. The hairlessness is a simple result of submersion and decomposition. The apparent beak is a small portion of the skull that has poked through the rotting skin. I feel fairly confident in saying all this, because I witnessed something very similar looking pulled out of Lake Ontario. Water does weird things to dead stuff.

That's my call. I'll continue monitoring, in case it does turn out to be an actual monster. And as always, look to Cryptomundo for some quality analysis.

UPDATE: If you're lucky enough to find a live Montauk Monster, you can win a boatload of nutritionally-dubious energy drink!