My road to 100 push ups: week 1

Well, I've finished my first week of the 100 pushup challenge. And I can tell you this: my muscles hurt. Still, I'm hanging in. Despite the frighteningly high number of reps, you only need to dedicate about 30 minutes a week to completing the challenge- performing 100 consecutive push ups after six weeks of training.

A short, but highly educational, training program, Here are some of the things I've learned:

  1. My wrists, aka "The Weakest Link", are made of papier-mache.
  2. Push ups work a lot more than your chest and arms. I know this, because I start experiencing embarassing full-body tremors up around the 50 push-up mark, a prelude to total collapse.
  3. Mozart is not good push up music. Dragonforce, on the other hand, is just about perfect (new album- ULTRA BEATDOWN- due on August 26).

NS reader and fitness afficiando GM brought up a few good points in a comment on my first push-up post: while any exercise is good, real strength comes from balance through the body. So for those of you also on the push up challenge, remember to work your posterior deltoids (back of shoulder), rhomboid and trapezius muscles (inner back). And stretch out your chest. This will keep your ascendant pecs from pulling your shoulders forward, giving you a mighty hump.

So, on to week two. If you happen to be in the west end of Toronto and hear some muffled sobs, it's probably me. But don't bring it up next time we speak. I'm a little sensitive.