I [heart] iPhone

There was never really any doubt that I would get an iPhone. The only real surprise is that I held out this long.

And now that I've had 24 hours with it, I can say the following:

  1. The wedding is Tuesday
  2. This is one hell of a gadget

As far as the communication functionality is concerned- you know, the stuff a phone is actually for- this thing is peerless. Email, Facebook, Twitter...all of it easy, efficient and intuitive. I've downloaded the WordPress widget for some mo-blogging, but I haven't had much time to play around with it. But if it works as well as everything else, I'm laughing.

The apps are pretty amazing, too. I've got one that estimates the skid patches on my fixie bike, and one that can identify a song just by listening to it. The inevitable conclusion is that iPhones are magic.

The magic is undeniably pricey, and I hate selling another chunk of my soul to Rogers. But what price brilliance? I'd paid twice as much for this thing. My fanboy hopes were high, and I have not been disappointed.