Westboro Baptist Church to picket Greyhound bus victim's funeral

I seem to say this every few months or so, but the Westboro Baptist Church has hit a new low. This 'church' and it's lunatic leader, 'Pastor' Fred Phelps, likes to protest at funerals. Like Mathew Shepard's funeral, after he was brutally murdered by homophobes. And like the funerals of US servicemen killed in Iraq, ostensibly as punishment for contravening God's law. The logic of these protests, if you can call it that, boils down to the group's slogan: "god hates fags". Yes, everyone who dies for any reason in a given place or country is God's terrible vengeance for our sinful ways.

Taking this principle to its most insane extremity, members of the 'church' will picket the funeral of Tim Maclean Jr., the young man savagely murdered on a Greyhound Bus last week. The reason? They'd like to explain to us that his death is God's way of saying we shouldn't allow gay marriage. Defending this bold foray into madness, a 'church' spokesperson has this to say:

"We're trying to get you to see that your rebellion against the standards of God, your disobedience to the commandments - your idols, your false gods, your filthy ways have brought wrath upon your head."

Now, the dialect is a little tricky here, but it basically translates as:

"Crazy. Crazy. Crazy crazy crazy. Crazy. Craaaazy. I'm a crazy idiot, not to mention a heartless jackass whose soul is as black as the darkest hole you could ever imagine."

If this really is god's wrath at work, this leads to two inevitable conclusions. First, God is a jerk. Second, he is really, really abstract. I've got to think there are better ways to make your point than kill some poor kid on a bus, then rely on a bunch of inbred troglodytes to explain it to us. Like, oh I don't know, obliterate the House of Commons with a meteor. I mean, it's freakin God. If he really is omnipotent, you'd think he could be a little more direct.

But hey, nothing beats ignorance and hate masquerading as religion. If you'd like to point out to the Westboro morons what you think about them, you can head on down to the Cameron House, 408 Queen St. West, tonight at about 7PM. They'll be protesting a new play that satirizes Fred Phelps, part of the Summerworks Festival (no fooling). Come prepared to heckle.