Crazy dog-clone lady is also a Mormon shackler

Hmm. That's the craziest headline I've written in a while. So it turns out that Bernann Mckinney, the Californian lady who had her beloved dog, Booger, cloned by Korean scientists, may also be a sexual predator. After her face was splashed across the global media, several people in North Carolina thought she looked a lot like Joyce Mckinney. Joyce was charged in the late 1970s for imprisoning a former boyfriend (and Mormon) in a UK cottage. With fuzzy handcuffs. Kinky.

She managed to escape, using vaguely Mony Pythonesque tactics:

Press reports at the time said [she and a male accomplice] posed as deaf-mute actors in Shannon, Ireland, and boarded an Air Canada flight bound for Toronto using false passports. Authorities said they then took a bus to Cleveland, Ohio, where Scotland Yard lost their trail.

Deaf-mute actors? C'mon now. It doesn't take a genius to penetrate that disguise.

For her part, Bernann denies the allegations. Are they the same person? You be the judge:

I don't know. They look pretty similar. And they're both in photos with dogs! I don't know much about the rules of evidence, but that's got to be a dead giveaway.

Oh, and if it is the same person, I totally called the crazy angle.