Westboro Baptist Church stopped at border

Well, looks like the lunatics from Westboro won't be disrupting Tim MacLean's funeral. The National Post reports a group of chruchmembers were stopped at the US/Canadian border, and prevented from entering the country. Hallelujah! Undaunted, church spokesidiot Shirley Phelps-Roper, daughter of Head Idiot Fred Phelps, promised to attempt another crossing.

"They won't let us in, but we have a group that will cross in another spot. They'll have to strip search everyone who crosses that border or they won't know who we are. They'll have to see the WBC (Westboro Baptist Church) tattoo on our butts."

The hell? WBC members are branded? I really hope she's kidding, because the thought of their naked , hate-shrivelled backsides makes we want to vomit. For the record, Shirley looks like this:

Note how being a twisted, bigoted zealot makes ol' Shirley look like a dried-out banana.

So, be extra vigilant today, Canadian border guards. We're counting on you to keep these maniacs out.