Fred Phelps and Henry Kane: separated at birth?

So, the Westboro Baptist Church was a no-show at the funeral of murder victim Tim Maclean, Jr. But in all the media hubbub, I discovered something disturbing: WBC leader Fred Phelps looks eerily like the Reverend Henry Kane, the creepy guy/ghost from Poltergeist II.  Observe:

In fact, the only real difference appears to be that Phelps is wearing a hat.

And the similarities don't stop with looks. Both have messianic complexes. Both have vague southern accents. Both claim to be men of god, but are in reality evil incarnate. It remains to be seen if Phelps will become a hideous soul-devouring spirit after he dies, but we should probably get in touch with Taylor and Tangina Barrons now. You know, just in case.