My road to 100 push ups: Week 2

Week two of the 100 Push Up challenge has come and gone. Was it fun? No. Was it worthwhile? Signs point to yes. While  I got through the daily sets (hovering around the 60-70 rep mark), my max consecutive reps count is still a bit low. I've made some improvements, but the ol' arms/chest/shoulders will have to step it up if I'm going to blast through 100 push ups.  To be fair, I did my test day at a cottage after a 1/2 km swim wearing a wet bathing suit. So I may not have been at my best.

Lesson of the week: remember to breath. This is important, as the body needs oxygen to live. Also, when you hold your breath during muscular exertion, your eyes may explode. Or at least that's what it feels like.

Looking over week 3,  the sets are starting to push me up past the 100 rep mark, albeit with 60-120 seconds of rest time. On the third day, it looks like I'll be doing 121 push ups.  That is, as the kids say, "for serious". If I don't make it, avenge my death.