Read the Orwell Diaries

George Orwell produced some epic stuff. Everybody has heard of 1984, and many have had a chance to read his excellent essays (as a starting point, I recommend Politics and the English Language). But few have had a chance to read his most personal writings, those contained within his diaries.

But thanks to a new website, Orwell's diairies are now widely available. The Orwell Diaries publishes one entry per day in weblog format, so you can read each exactly 70 years after Orwell first wrote them. There are about five years worth of entries, so this is a blog project with a long horizon.

Orwell once wrote he loved "prose style and scraps of useless information", and there is plenty of that on display in his diaries. But mostly, the entries show a keenly analytic mind and a powerful intellect weaving meaning out of its daily experience. Neat stuff, and well worth a read.