McCain amps up attacks on 'celebrity' Obama

McCain's campaign isn't just led by an old, out-of-touch white guy. It actually behaves like an old, out-of-touch white guy, too. Enter the latest McCaain attack on Obama's supposed celebrity status:

I mean, I guess I get why they're doing this. They want to portray Obama as frivolous and unfit to lead. Except for one thing: Americans freakin' love celebrities. It's like bread and water to them. The more frivolous, the better. Sure, there is a large core of serious voters who actually evaluate policy positions and make informed decisions. But Obama actually has policies that are attractive to many smart voters, and these folks won't be swayed by such obvious tactics. And really, these ads aren't even very clever. Or funny. Or even well done. But for the Big Brother/reality show crowd (read: vast stretches of America), a celebrity president is a dream come true.

The first rule of campaigning is "define your opponent before he can define himself". While the McCain camp may think they're stealing a march on their opponent, the strongest undercurrent of these ads is "everyone likes Obama". I suppose that's one way to define your opponent, but certainly not the way that will win an election.

Which, incidentally, is fine with me. An Obama presidency is all I really want for Christmas.