Georgia Bigfoot: photos and doubts

The strange tale of the Georgia Gorilla continues. Colour photographs were leaked yesterday, giving the world a first look at the alleged Bigfoot:

Hmm. While it doesn't look totally fake, it doesn't look particularly convincing either. It could easily be a decomposed carcass, or a built model. For his part, Crytomundo's Loren Coleman is starting to express some doubts after early enthusiasm:

I can now come out firmly in the extremely skeptical camp on this one, based merely on the “evidence” that has been shared so far. Several questions must be answered before myself and most of the scientific, skeptical, and Bigfoot communities will swallow this one.

For example, regarding the DNA analysis being done for Friday: What proof exists that the tissue sample was actually removed from the alleged Georgia body? I hate to bring up the OJ trial or CSI, but everyone in America understands the necessary realities of maintaining a secure record of the “chain of evidence.” The credibility of the gentlemen in Georgia and Mr. Biscardi will be called into question, and the ball is back in their camp on this question…and many other ones.

Coleman also cautions that it's important to keep an open mind on this one. Apparently, more info will be coming out on Fox News today, and then the official press conference on Friday should tell us what we're dealing with.

So, stay skeptical but interested, friends. We'll get to the bottom of this yet.