2008: Summer of the Cryptids

First, the Montauk Monster. Then, the Georgia Gorilla. And now, the Chupacabra of Puero, Texas. A police officer in the small town caught this odd creature on his dashboard cam:

Could this be the legendary "goatsucker", scourge of livestock? I don't know. Probably. At this point, anything is possible.

So why the rash of monster-related news? Either some unforseen consequence of global warming is driving these creatures out of hiding, or we're all in the midst of some mass hallucination. I suspect it is some combination of a slow news cycle and a collective weariness with cynicism, The world seems so bleak these days, perhaps we all just need something a bit unusual to focus on.

What's next? The Dover Demon gives its first network news interview? The Mothman gets a spot in the Big Brother house? Nessie for president? Only time will tell.