Georgia Bigfoot is a bust

So, today's big press conference, where two Bigfoot enthusiasts and a highly suspect Tom Biscardi were supposed to present evidence of their big sasquatch find, came and went. And nothing happened. According to Fox News:

The much-anticipated Bigfoot press conference Friday afternoon in Palo Alto, Calif., revealed little more than two men — introduced by a self-styled Sasquatch seeker — claiming to possess the 7-foot "body" of a "bipedal creature" on ice in a secret location, awaiting an autopsy.

The men, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, were joined in the press conference by Tom Biscardi, host of an Bigfoot Internet radio show, who said the men approached him with their "find," saying, "We want to talk to Tom Biscardi... They didn't want to meet anyone else."

Biscardi showed reporters two blurry photos, claiming one was the mouth of the "creature" while the other was another creature running through the Georgia woods. The men claimed they "stumbled on the creature," but would not reveal more because they were concerned about it being an "endangered species."

Underwhelming, to say the least. Despite being initially optimistic, Cryptomundo's Loren Coleman is now convinced it is a hoax:

"This 'body' has little to do with Bigfoot and everything to do with a Sasquatch costume that someone developed after watching too many gorilla movies. The teeth that seem to have been placed in the mouth could be my late mother's false teeth."

So, welcome to Hoax town. While reporters are supposed to get access to the carcass next week, it looks like this one is pretty much busted. Darn it. I've got to stop getting excited about these's just a road to disappointment.