Now you can be as fast as Michael Phelps

In case you were feeling bad about yourself in the wake of Michael Phelps' record smashing Olympic performance, fear not. Technology comes to the rescue once again, riding a shimmering white horse. That shoots lasers out of its eyes. Presented for your consideration, the Lunocet Monofin:

This carbon fibre and titanium wonder can take an average swimmer and propel them up to 13kph. Michael Phelps can only go 8kph. And he's very likely an alien superbeing. In fact, you can generate so much thrust with this thing, it is theoretically possible to get completely out of the water, dolphin-style.

Speaking of which, dolphin-style is all the rage these days, even among dolphins. It was thought only trained dolphins actually do the tail-stand thing. But the trick is gaining popularity among one group of wild dolphins near the Australian coast. Apparently, one of the pod's members, Billie, spent some time in an aquarium after being rescued from a river lock. While she wasn't actually trained to do a tail-stand, she did observe others doing them. And, she apparently liked it so much, she introduced it to her family. Clever. A little too clever, in fact.

To conclude: dolphins are smart, and Michael Phelps is fast. But thanks to the monofin, you can continue to be smarter than a dolphin (we hope) and faster than Phelps. Better living through carbon fibre. Via Gizmodo.