NASA's parachute fail

Para·chute\ˈper-ə-ˌshüt, ˈpa-rə-\ noun.  French, from para- (as in parasol) + chute fall. 1: a device for slowing the descent of a person or object through the air that consists of a fabric canopy beneath which the person or object is suspended 2: patagium 3: a device or structure suggestive of a parachute in form, use, or operation. NASA, you're doing it wrong:

A recent test of the emergency re-entry parachute system for NASA's Orion spacecraft ended in an epic fail. Still, it made for some awesome video. According to the space agency, the resulting landing "severely damaged the test mock-up". No kidding.

Hey kids! Who wants to be an astronaut? Via Gizmodo.