Wind power for New York? And how about Toronto?

David Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York, has proposed an aggressive plan to use wind power to meet 10 per cent of the city's energy needs. And how does he propose to accomplish this bold goal in North America's most densely populated urban environment? Easy. Put the wind turbines on top of buildings, bridges, and in the water.

This is exactly what Toronto needs. If anything, it would be easier to accomplish here, since our population density is so much lower. And, we have tonnes of unused land. Every day, I look out from my office over the vast expanse of nothing that is the Portlands/Donlands. Why can't we through a few dozen windmills out there? And a few more out in the lake? Probably because we have a total leadership vacuum on this stuff at all levels of government. But I'm sure there must be a way to leverage private sector involvement in this stuff. There's money to be made here, folks. And if we can reduce fossil fuel-generated electricity in the process, so much the better.

Of course, the NIMBY crowd will no doubt complain about new wind turbines cluttering up sightlines. To which I say: what do you prefer? Wind turbines in your view, or devastating climate change? Yeah, I thought so.