Autobots assist Canadian troops in Afghanistan

You've probably already heard that Canadian troops have struck an important blow against the Taliban, destroying a HQ used for assembling roadside bombs. But what you may not know is they did it with Transformer assistance. Oh, this isn't a well publicized fact. The Canadian Military is no doubt keeping this under wraps at the behest of their ginormous allies. If I were a three-storey tall transforming robot, I'd probably keep a low profile too. But if you look at the clues, Autobot involvement is irrefutable.

Just look at the name of the operation: Op Timis Preem. C'mon now. Op Timis Preem? Optimus Prime? That's a little too close to be a coicidence.

I, for one, welcome the Canadian Army's expanded use of Transformer combatants. The insurgents will think twice about setting up a roadside ambush if you're up against robots with laser cannons. I know I would.

Of course, the downside here is if the Taliban somehow manages to get in touch with Megatron. Or even worse, Unicron. Then we're all screwed. Via Fark.