My road to 100 pushups: Week Four

Well, 28 days of the 100 push up challenge are behind me. And, miracle of miracles, this was the week I finally noticed a difference. My endurance is way up, and I can happily tear off 100+ reps (with set breaks) with a lot loss crying and religious introspection than Week One. So there may be something to this whole plan. Week five looks slightly insane. As I understand it, the first four weeks were all about building strength. This final two week run looks to be more about building endurance. There are now eight sets as opposed to five...fewer reps per set, but more reps overall. Which means I may be right back to the sobbing and theological exhortations.

Lesson of the week: get some protein powder. While I am generally skeptical of fitness supplements, Whey Protein Powder is the Century Push Up Pursuer's best friend. Taking this stuff immediately after completing your sets will help your muscles recover faster, and get stronger. A big tub usually costs aroung $40. But be warned: no matter what the packaging may claim, this stuff tastes awful. I have mine in a smoothie, and the banana/mango/yogurt combo masks the more unpleasant aspects of the texture. Anyways, try it out. You'll notice less soreness and fatigue right off the bat.