Today in cows: compass and compact edition

Not a lot of bloggers keep tabs on exciting new developments in bovine world. Thank goodness for me. I don't do this because it's glamourous. I do it because, goddamn it, someone has to. Two big cow-related stories today. First, new research out of Germany indicates that grazing animals such as cows or deer align themselves with Magnetic North. Apparently, this phenomenon is so pronounced, it can be observed on Google Earth. The lessons here are obvious: if you're lost and need to know which way is North, look at which way the cows are facing. Also, if you're headed North, why not ride a cow? It won't let you down, provided you like travelling very slowly.

Meanwhile, an Irish cow breed - the Dexter - is growing in popularity all over the world. Why? It's the size of a German Shepherd, produces 16 pints of milk a day (that you can drink unpasteurized), keeps your lawn trimmed, and you can eat it. If you've always wanted a cow at home, but were concerned over the size/poop of a normal cow, this little guy is for you. They cost between $400 and $4000, and provided you have enough grass nearby, don't need feeding. And, you can be that one guy on your street taking your cow for a walk at 8:30 on a Tuesday evening.

So there you go. All the cow news that's fit to print, fresh from the farm to your door. I hope you've found this all very moooving.