American Election Watch: Day 2

Well, yesterday was an interesting one for the US election campaign, with plenty of thoughtful, prescient discussion on important issues. Ah, screw it. SARAH PALIN SARAH PALIN SARAH PALIN.

So, what's new with America's favourite VP candidate? Plenty:

  • The McCain camp is rallying around their nominee. They now claim it was Palin's husband, not Palin herself, who belonged to the secessionist Alaskan Independence Party. They're also saying everyone who criticizes her experience is sexist. Seems to me, criticizing a man (ie: Obama) for his lack of experience, and then a priori refuting all experience critiques against a woman as sexist is a bit of a gender-based double standard and therefore - Surprise! - sexist.
  • McCain is also being criticized for not vetting his VP pick more closely. Apparently, his team only actually spoke to Palin a day before the announcement. Whoops. Remember, kids: the VP candidate you don't interview is always the one with the craziest  background.
  • Palin is also being criticized for laughing along with a radio DJ who called her guvernatorial opponent a "bitch" and a "cancer" on Alaska. The catch? Lyda Green was actually a cancer survivor. Class act there, Palin.
  • Also, some pundits have also astutely recognized that the furor over Palin has re-ignited the Culture Wars. Oh goody.

Elsewhere in the election:

  • Obama met with Fox News execs several months ago, ostensibly to prove he is not, in fact, the mythical Hydra who will destroy their villages and feast upon their children. FN chief Roger Ailes apparently highlighted his network's committment to fairness, while saying his network won't be "in the tank" with the Obama campaign. I'm unsure what that means. Perhaps Ailes doesn't like swimming with other men?
  • The Democrats are accusing their former party-mate Joe Lieberman for lying to the Republican Convention about Obama. Who cares? SARAH PALIN.

So there you go. I'm laying even odds that Palin either pulls herself out of the race or pulls off her own head to escape this maelstrom of insanity swirling around her. Either way, SARAH PALIN.