My road to 100 push ups: Week 5

Setback! Sort of. After completing the strength test at the end of week five of the 100 push up challenge, I'm just a bit shy of where I'd like to be before my final run on the push up century. So, as the website advises, I'm going to repeat week five. If it works, I'll be able to do 100 push ups in seven weeks as opposed to the advertised six. But I've got to think the important thing here is making the ultimate goal, rather than crapping out because I rushed into it.

I've noticed a problem with the program as described online. At the end of many of the weeks, you're supposed to do a strength test to see where you're at. The trouble is, the site doesn't provide any insight into how long you're supposed to rest before the test, or how long to wait before starting the next week of training. Since you're already doing three days of training, the tendency is to do the test right after your last day, or immediately before your first day of the next week. So, you're either fatigued during the test, lowering your reps. Or, you're tired going in, which makes it harder to perform. Problematic.

Still, the results are encouraging. I've trebled the number of pushups I can do in a row, and I can now alsodo that thing where you make your pecs dance to the tune of the Cancan. But I never do. Really.

OK, once.