A belt-drive bicycle?

When it comes to bikes, I'm pretty old school. I like steel frames, toe-clips and fixed gears. So when I heard Trek was introducing a belt-driven bicycle, I was a little skeptical. That is, until I saw it:

Trek District = the new hotness. I mean, it is a bit of an attempt to ape the DIY aesthetic of the fixie nation. But for a stock bike, that's pretty sweet.

There's still not a lot of info on the drivetrain on the consumer site. But according to Gizmodo, belt drives have a few benefits. They're lighter, and without all that grease, much cleaner. They're also quieter so you can be some kind of freaky bike ninja and sneak up on unsuspecting rollerbladers (so '90s). Beyond the tech, the District also has some nice design touches. Day-glo rims paired with a leather saddle and grips? How avant.

I'd really like to ride one of these. If anyone from Trek is reading this post and looking for a test-rider who also maintains a fairly well-read blog, drop me a line.