Ghostbusters 3: the sequel fifteen years too late

It's being reported that Sony Pictures is planning a "reboot" of the Ghostbusters franchise. This was their only available option for (one assumes) the valuable property, since the original cast is very old. Ghostbusters III: And Now We're The Ghosts! is a bit too high-concept for today's moviegoers.

Let's explore this is a bit more depth:

Good:  the new script is being written by writers from "The Office"- Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg. So, at least it will be funny.

Slightly Good: original cast members "will be involved", although not in central roles. Fine. A passing-of-the-torch movie is the best we could hope for.

Bad: I love Ghostbusters. Like how Marlon Brando loved bacon. So, if they start frakking with the franchies, or cast Shia LaBoeuf in it, I'm going to go nuts.

I guess we'll see.

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