Rock music hates the Republican Party

Republicans may be a lot of things- politically shrewd, powerful, evil- but one thing they are certainly not is rock n' roll. So much so, venerated rock acts recoil from them like a rabbit from an electric fence. A few days ago, I reported than Van Halen had sent a 'cease and desist' order to John McCain over his use of their song "Right Now" in campaign appearances. And now, epic chick bank Heart has sent a similar letter to Sarah Palin for her use of the song "Barracuda". Oddly, she clings to that nickname despite the fact that Barracudas are widely reputed to be the mega-jerks of the fish world. I mean, have you seen "Finding Nemo"?

Anyhoo, Heart claims that "permission was not sought, nor would it be given" to use the song. The reason is obvious. Rock and roll- real rock and roll, anyway- is cool. Try as they might, Republicans will never be cool. In fact, nothing says "not cool" like a bunch of middle-aged white guys wheezing their way through a party convention. The status quo is lame. As inveterate champions of the status quo, the Republicans are the de facto defenders of lame. The same applies to the Conservative Party of Canada.

Barack Obama? Now that's punk rock.