My road to 100 push ups: Week 6

Of course, by "Week 6" I mean "Week 5, repeated". In my defense, I did week five over at a higher level, so its really more of week 5 1/2. Oddly enough, push ups have slowly intergrated themselves into my weekly routine. I now take as a given that, three or four times a week, I will be doing 100+ pushups. "Let's see. What do I have to do today? Get some groceries, clean my bike, do 150 pushups, do my laundry..." Don't get me wrong. It's still a punishing ordeal. After I finish, I usully lie on the floor for a while, alternating between saying "ow" over and over again, and fading in and out of conciousness. Sweet!

Tip of the week: try wrapping your wrists. Push ups put a lot of strain on your ol' hand/arm connectors, and this can limit your reps. I have some boxing wraps from a brief and ill-conceived spate of pugilistics, and these work great. They make me feel a bit more stable, and a bit more ready to power through the last 40 reps. Wrist wraps can be picked up pretty cheap at most sporting goods stores.

So now, I move onto week 6. The final week. This one is for all the marbles. Allegedly, I should be able to do 100 consecutive push ups in about 8 days. We'll see. Oh, we'll see.